Whole 30: Slaying The Sugar Dragon So I Can Find My Tiger Blood

Alright, alright, alright.  We are on Day 14 of the Whole 30!  Halfway mark is almost here!  Woo hoo!

By now most of us are starting to feel better, look better, and generally feel like this is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Your pants are loose, you wake up with loads of energy, and you don't even think about non-compliant foods anymore. Right?  

Wait, you're not feeling that way yet?  Yeah, me neither.

I'm not discouraged.  I'm older, my metabolism is slower, yada yada yada.  Still, I had kind of hoped for more by this point.  

I started looking back through my writings in the Whole 30 Day By Day guide to see if I could figure some things out.  Lots of people are posting on Instagram that they can tell their clothes are fitting better, their faces are thinner, and they aren't even thinking about food that much.  I'm not there yet and I think I've figured out why.

My appetite is still really strong, my pants are not much looser than they were post-Christmas, and I find myself starting to give the treats my family enjoys some serious side eye.  No, I haven't cheated.  I'm completely committed to completing the Whole 30, but what I'm doing needs some tweaking.

I haven't slayed my sugar dragon yet.  He's still roaming around breathing fire and it's time to end him now.  It's the only way I'm going to find my "tiger blood" on Whole 30.  

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

I'm eating too many carbs.  I'm adding fruit a couple of times a day and normally having something starchy like a sweet potato at least once a day.  Plus, there's been the more than occasional Larabar thrown in there too.  That's not a CRAZY amount of carbs but for me personally, it's too much.  We all have varying levels as to how many carbs we can eat per day without it causing our appetites to increase and/or crave more sweet stuff.  Mine is likely lower given my midlife age and stage. 

Sooooo, I'm taking a trip back to the drawing board and doing a few low carb days (protein, vegetable, and healthy fat only) this week.  In order to slay my sugar dragon, I need to starve him out so to speak.  I'll eventually add back in some berries, bit of apple here and there, HALF a sweet potato, etc.  I'll do it slowly and more mindfully paying attention to whether or not it is affecting me negatively.  I view this as all part of finding my personal food freedom. 

The Whole 30 journey is a personal thing.  If you aren't noticing any benefits, you may want to take a look at why.  It may be as simple as giving it more time.  I read something just today in the Day By Day Guide by Melissa Hartwig that reminded me that this is the Whole 30 not the Whole 14.  So, I know I need to give this a fair shot and keep going. 

I am noticing a reduction in stress, softer skin, a more even mood, and my sleep at night has improved an incredible amount even if I do still wake up so very groggy.  I'm talking serious "what year is it?" level groggy.  What is THAT about anyway?  It passes after I've been awake for a while but I don't know if it's a Whole 30 "thing" or just a winter hibernation thing.....it's been unseasonably cold lately and the teens and single digit temps are about to end me.  It may also be why I'm having a hard time slaying my sugar dragon.  I can't imagine a hibernating bear (what I feel like) being much of a threat to a sugar dragon. 

So, we'll see how things go this week with my energy levels, fit of my pants, and whatever else pops up that I notice.

How are you doing?  Tiger blood?  Hibernating bear?  Or have you given up altogether by putting a saddle on that Sugar Dragon and riding him in to the nearest happy hour? 

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