Whole 30 Results & Final Thoughts

It's January 31st and you know what that means?  I completed the Whole 30!!!!!!

Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash

There were times during the month when I thought this day would never come.  There were slow days, rough days, and tired of eating zucchini for pasta days.  There were withdrawals, bloating, and way too many trips to the bathroom.  There was resentment, regret, and times I wondered "why am I bothering with this???"

Then about Day 19, things changed.  I had energy.  My face was thinner.  My stomach evicted the alien living inside of it.  I was no longer gassy.  My joints felt better.  My sleep was amazing.  I stopped thinking about food all the time.  I wasn't starving all the time.  I stopped craving sugar.  I stopped wanting wine.  I wanted to move more, drink more water, and get out in the sunshine (wishful thinking most of the time since it's January....but still).

These past 30 days were a springboard for even more health improvements on the horizon.  My family is proud of me and now request Whole 30 meatballs and no longer ask "who died?!?!" when they smell broccoli roasting.  The entire process of Whole 30 opened up a lot of conversations about health and what we can all do to feel well.  It was also a good way for me to set an example of what it means to stick with a commitment even when its hard.  We've always taught our kids to be people of their word and do what they say they are going to do.  We don't quit and we don't make promises lightly. That said, my youngest totally taunted me with whipped cream for a full 30 days.  It became almost a joke around here.

As for my results......

I am a little disappointed that I only lost 5 pounds.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I knew I was eating too many carbs for my aging metabolism.  Still, given EVERYTHING you give up on Whole 30 (just the chocolate and wine alone) I felt like I should have lost at least ten pounds.  Oh well, that's midlife!  Nothing is as easy in your mid-40's as it was in your mid-20's.

As far as measurements go, I lost an inch in both my hips and my bust.  The best news was I lost THREE inches in my waist!  Bloat much?  That showed me very easily that I had eliminated a lot of problematic foods!  I may have lost in other places but those were the three things I measured.

As for what's next.....I've dedicated the month of February (and possibly beyond) to dairy free keto.  I mentioned that I planned to go much lower carb in my last post but the flu derailed that.  I was really tired taking care of my child with the flu and then I got a minor case of it as well.  Recovering from illness is NOT when you want to start enduring the keto flu.  Keeping up with the cooking for my Whole 30 commitment was work enough.  So, February 1st....it's on!

For this final day of January, I'm sticking with Whole 30.  I have no desire to eat or drink anything that doesn't serve my health goals.  It was too hard to get to this point to mess it up.  Sure, some day I'll have some "stuff" but I see no point in having it now just because Whole 30 is over with.  I'll be doing very slow roll reintroductions but no time soon.  I'm happy with the status quo and ready to kick it up a notch with keto.

As for how I'm formulating my keto plan, I'm planning to use the macros found at MariaMindBodyHealth.com which are lower fat and more moderate in protein then some keto plans.  I don't believe you need to eat a lot of dietary fat when you have plenty of fat on your body to tap into for fuel.  People eating 70% fat for certain health issues (cancer patients, epileptics) is one thing but for weight loss and muscle building it's not really the way I want to go.  I will be tracking macros in the coming weeks to get a handle on what my meals should roughly look like but I don't plan to do it long term unless I'm having trouble making progress.

I'm also reading Keto. by Maria and Craig Emmerich for some simplified science information about the whole program.  There are so many people out there explaining ketogenic eating but few have done it for decades like Maria Emmerich and look so amazing.

So, that wraps up Whole 30.  It's been fun blogging through it.

Did you finish Whole 30 this month?  How did it go?

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