Whole 30: Dealing With Cravings?

According to the Whole 30 calendar it's time for some serious junk food cravings......

Whole 30 - What To Expect

A quick run through my Instagram feed shows me a LOT of people are struggling with cravings right now.  Most people seem to want peanut butter, cheese, wine, chocolate, or all of the above in one glorious meal.  I've had very few cravings but worry this weekend will be tough to knuckle through given I need to venture out of my little "Whole 30" bubble at home and live life out among temptations. 

Photo by Ilya Ilyukhin on Unsplash

Here's how I plan to combat cravings this weekend:

1.  Eat satisfying meals so that I don't get super hungry when out and about town.

2.  Keep some Whole 30 compliant snacks like Nick's Sticks and La Croix water in my purse

3.  Stay on top of my Whole 30 Day By Day journal noting all the benefits I see from avoiding unhealthy cravings.

4.  Get some exercise!  It always encourages me to eat healthier.

5.  Sleep in a bit this weekend.  Extra rest and a good night's sleep refills our willpower overnight. 

How about you?  Craving all the junk?  How are you handling it?

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