January 2018 Whole 30: The First Weekend

If you started the January 2018 Whole 30 this past Monday, that means you're waking up this morning to face Day 6.  Day 6 and 7 (according to the Whole 30 calendar and The Whole 30 Day By Day Guide) are days we're all likely to feel a bit tired.  The worst of the hangover and irritability should be behind us (you're mileage may vary).

Last night, I was asleep by 8:30.  Not just asleep, more like passed out like an exhausted toddler asleep.  It was the third day in a row that I averaged over 8 hours of dead to the world rest.  I planned for this level of exhaustion and I'm making sleep a definite priority right now.  According to Melissa Hartwig, sleep builds our willpower back up overnight.  I can't say that I'm really struggling with willpower issues (yet) but I know the extra sleep has to be helping.  Without the extra rest, I can't even imagine how I would have survived the sugar detox, yo yo energy levels, and cooking duties....much less the normal stuff of life.  Here's a picture of me waiting on the Tiger Blood phase of Whole 30 to kick in.....

Photo by Michael Green on Unsplash

So here we are facing the first weekend!  For many, the weekend means eating out, having a few drinks, or generally relaxing the diet rules that are easier to follow during the rest of the week.  The difference with the Whole 30....weekends are just like the rest of the week.  No sugar, no dairy, no alcohol, etc....no ifs, ands, or buts.  There is no half assing the Whole 30.  You're either doing it or you're not.  You're either compliant or you need to start over at Day 1.  No gray areas with this deal.  It's only 30 days and it's 30 days for a reason.  Must....keep....going.

Out of all the weekends, this one is likely going to be the easiest for everyone.  Motivation is still high, it's too early to be "over it", and it's still a full week before the rest of the world starts giving up on their New Year's diets/resolutions.  However, with Whole 30 we're all tired right now.  It's hard to cook, think, or do anything.  I hope for your sake you have an easy schedule for this weekend.  Personally, I made sure not to put anything heavy duty on the calendar until the 12th.  Now is the time for rest!  The holiday season was busy and frantic and full of carbs.  This weekend should be about finding a good book, a good movie, or a good friend that wants to chat over coffee with nothing added except a little splash of Nutpods

My biggest plans this weekend revolve around attending a tea party being thrown by my youngest child, going to church, and seeing The Greatest Showman.  No eating out, no temptations to have a glass of wine, and no punishing housework.  By next weekend, I expect to be ready for action but today/tomorrow....thank you, no.

How are you doing on Day 6?  Are you resting?  Keeping the plans easy and compliant?

Coming up in the next post:  Bloating.....We'll talk about the phase called Why Are My Pants Tight????

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