The Real Cost of Cheap Food

If I had a dime for every time I've lamented the high cost of quality meat and produce, I'd probably have enough money to buy tons of it.  As the chief grocery shopper for a family on a budget, it's oh so very tempting to buy more packaged, processed food.

The thing is, I'm starting to realize I pay A LOT more money for that $5 pack of chocolates than just $5.  It goes something like this......

If you buy a $5 pack of chocolates, you're going to want some wine to go with it.  If you buy some wine, you're going to think about making it part of a nice dinner.  Since you've decided to have a nice dinner, might as well make it a cheat meal, right?  Right!  Well, then you realize you made too much food so it's actually a cheat weekend.  Then there's that office party next week where you need to bring a dish or two so you go back to the store to buy more of those $5 chocolates and pick up a cheese tray to balance out the sugar.

After said cheat meals that turned into weeks, you're probably going to need to take an antacid most days because dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol (insert whatever you ate here) is kicking back at you a bit.  You realize that you have simply GOT to get off those types of foods after the holidays so you order the newest books on Whole 30.  Gonna hit the whole "new year, new me" vibe strong in 2018, but for now...there's still cheesecake in the fridge, right?

So you've got your new Whole 30 books and set your start date but you realize you still have two weeks of holiday eating ahead so you buy new pants (possibly bigger pants...just sayin') and a new top (something flowy because well....cheese trays).  Finally, it's Christmas, then New Year's Eve, and then New Year's Day.....and then thankfully you can finally go to the store to buy ALL THE HEALTHY FOOD and it is expensive!!!

Then it hits you....

If you'd simply not bought that $5 chocolate, that led to the wine, that lead to the cheat meal, that lead to the cheat month, that led to the antacid, and the bigger'd have enough money to pay for 1/4 share of a grass fed cow and enough vegetables for a month.

THAT is the true cost of $5 chocolate.

So, instead of all that, I'm saving my money so that next month I can make things like this.....

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Consistency is key.  Swinging from healthy eating to weeks of junk and weight gain and back to healthy eating again is A LOT more expensive than consistently eating what works for your body. 

It's only taken me 45 years to figure this's to living it in 2018.

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