Preparing For The January 2018 Whole 30

After much anticipation and research, the time is almost here!  Whole 30 begins on Monday!  I'm really excited to see what kind of changes occur in my body, mind, and spirit throughout the month.  Are you ready to get started too?

If you've been toying with the idea of doing a Whole 30, the first of the year is a perfect time.  Why?  Because the entire world is normally on a diet after the holidays!  Everywhere you turn, stores are trying to sell you exercise equipment, diet books, and all the leafy greens!  The hype normally only lasts a couple of weeks but it's long enough to get you through the early days of Whole 30 style "kill all the things" sugar withdrawal.  Misery loves company, right?

So, if you're ready to make the commitment to 30 days of no sugar, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol, no dairy, no artificial stuff, and no carrageenan, MSG, or still have time to get prepared!

Now is the time to do some research,   If you really want to do this, you need to understand all the whys and hows behind the Whole 30.  There are now a total of SIX official books covering everything about the Whole 30 program.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

First you have, It Starts With Food.  This book is excellent for understanding all the reasons WHY you need to pull all of those forbidden foods out for thirty days.  If you don't understand the reasoning, it will be far more tempting to eat things you shouldn't. 

Secondly, there's The Whole 30: The 30 Day Guide To Total Health and Food Freedom which goes over exactly HOW to do the Whole 30.  This book will guide you through how to build your meals each day when doing a Whole 30 reset. 

My favorite book is the new The Whole 30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide To Whole 30 Success.  This book is a daily guide and workbook to help you through all those tricky spots.  The book is full of daily guidance, hacks, and tough love to help you stay on track.  I look forward to writing in it and using it to look back on how far I've come from January 1st until the end of the month. 

Another fantastic book is The Whole 30 Cookbook.  This book contains 150 recipes that will help you get a handle on what all you CAN eat.  It's vital that you understand that even though much is excluded, there's still a whole new world of food out there waiting to be discovered. 

If you aren't much of a cook or find yourself crunched for time, there's another new book out called The Whole 30: Fast and Easy Cookbook with another 150 recipes that you can throw together easily.  I received this book for Christmas and it looks fantastic for weeknight dinners when you really need meals that are fast yet still delicious. 

Last but not least is a book titled, Food Freedom Forever: Letting Go of Bad Habits, Guilt, and Anxiety Around Food by the Co-Creator of the Whole30 This book will help you determine where you want to go AFTER your Whole 30 experience.  The Whole 30 doesn't end with a binge on Day 31 eating all the foods you didn't eat during the previous month.  It's a time for careful reintroduction to help you determine which foods you tolerate and which ones you really need to continue to avoid.  Some foods you'll decide are "worth it" over time.  Maybe that's a celebratory piece of cake or a really great wine.  This book helps you define your personal food freedom so that you control the foods you eat instead of the other way around. 

With so many resources available, there's no reason not to have a successful Whole 30 experience. 

No time to read a book?  Need to save your money for quality food?  The basic rules of the Whole 30 will always be free on their website.  In addition, you can subscribe to the free newsletter called Wholesome for even more information.  You can also learn a lot just from following @Whole30 and @MelissaHartwig on Instagram. When in doubt, always refer to official Whole 30 books and official website resources first.  There are a million Pinterest posts out there tagged "Whole 30" that are not compliant.  They are simply tagged Whole 30 as click bait which is really unfortunate.  

Over the coming month, I will post about my personal Whole 30 experience.  I plan to write about what I'm eating, how I feel, what I'm thinking, etc.  I am not affiliated with Whole 30 in anyway.  I'm not an expert and will always steer you back to the official Whole 30 website and books if you have questions.  

Just three more days!!!  Join me?  

**This post contains affiliate links.  Using these links doesn't cost you anything extra but I will earn a small commission for referring you.  Thank you for supporting Wholly Midlife.  

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