Whole 30 Results & Final Thoughts

It's January 31st and you know what that means?  I completed the Whole 30!!!!!!

There were times during the month when I thought this day would never come.  There were slow days, rough days, and tired of eating zucchini for pasta days.  There were withdrawals, bloating, and way too many trips to the bathroom.  There was resentment, regret, and times I wondered "why am I bothering with this???"

Then about Day 19, things changed.  I had energy.  My face was thinner.  My stomach evicted the alien living inside of it.  I was no longer gassy.  My joints felt better.  My sleep was amazing.  I stopped thinking about food all the time.  I wasn't starving all the time.  I stopped craving sugar.  I stopped wanting wine.  I wanted to move more, drink more water, and get out in the sunshine (wishful thinking most of the time since it's January....but still).

These past 30 days were a springboard for even more health improvements on the horizon.  My family is proud of me and …

Whole 30: Fighting The Flu While On Whole 30

Well friends, according to the thermometer it looks like I'm getting the flu.  One of my kids came down with it Thursday night (confirmed Type A flu) and then she sneezed, coughed, and drooled on me for the next three days. The Whole 30 is a magical thing but even unicorn magical bone broth has limits as to what it can prevent when you've been drenched in germs for days. She's almost back to 100% so it looks like it's my turn to get sick. 

Despite the lack of sleep and concern for my child I've stuck to the Whole 30 without fail.  I don't say this to brag.  I say this because I had a stage 5 Oprah level AHA moment.  Going off of Whole 30 will not help me or help my family.  Going off Whole 30 will not help me feel better.  Going off Whole 30 will not help my immune system fight the onslaught of germs.  Soothing stress with wine, chocolate, cheese, or chips wouldn't make anything one single bit better.  I had absolutely no desire for any of those things beca…

Going Beyond Whole 30 - Lifestyle Changes

Today is Day 24 of the Whole 30!!!!  One more week to go!!!

Now is the time to start thinking about what life will look like after Whole 30 is finished.  Where will the road take me after the life changing 30 days?

Spoiler alert: for's going to look about the same.  I'm in no hurry to end the changes I've made during this Whole 30.  Being free of dairy, grains, sugars, alcohol, legumes, etc. has been the best choice I've made in a long while. 

When I started Whole 30, I was completely stressed and exhausted from the holidays.  By December 31st, I was bloated, drinking wine too often, and contemplating pie as a feasible breakfast choice in order to clean out the fridge.....basic post Christmas haze.  Then came January 1st and everything changed. 

From Day 1, I've slept about 8 to 9 hours a night like a passed out zombie.  That has been the biggest improvement that I've noticed.  I go to sleep easily, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.  The "refres…

Whole 30: Finally Found My Tiger Blood

My tiger blood is finally here!  It's Day 19 of the Whole 30 and I FINALLY have energy! 

It started slowly a couple days ago.  I was folding clothes and decided to do football drills for twenty seconds after I folded every ten pieces of clothing.  It was like a game.  Fold ten pieces, run in place like crazy for twenty seconds, catch my breath while folding ten more items, repeat.  I did that several times.....for fun.  Let's repeat that....I ran in place for fun.  I don't run.  I don't really find exercise to be all that enjoyable to be honest let alone fun.  Yet, there I was running in place FOR FUN.  It was weird.
Yesterday, I felt like I needed to workout just to burn off some extra energy.  So I got up and did a walking workout available on Amazon.  These workouts are free for Amazon Prime members and are really handy!  Then I signed up for a race....more on that in a future post.  
This morning, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. completely raring to go.  I've been busy …

Whole 30: Slaying The Sugar Dragon So I Can Find My Tiger Blood

Alright, alright, alright.  We are on Day 14 of the Whole 30!  Halfway mark is almost here!  Woo hoo!

By now most of us are starting to feel better, look better, and generally feel like this is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Your pants are loose, you wake up with loads of energy, and you don't even think about non-compliant foods anymore. Right?  
Wait, you're not feeling that way yet?  Yeah, me neither.
I'm not discouraged.  I'm older, my metabolism is slower, yada yada yada.  Still, I had kind of hoped for more by this point.  
I started looking back through my writings in the Whole 30 Day By Day guide to see if I could figure some things out.  Lots of people are posting on Instagram that they can tell their clothes are fitting better, their faces are thinner, and they aren't even thinking about food that much.  I'm not there yet and I think I've figured out why.
My appetite is still really strong, my pants are not much looser than they were post-Christmas, a…

Whole 30: Dealing With Cravings?

According to the Whole 30 calendar it's time for some serious junk food cravings......

A quick run through my Instagram feed shows me a LOT of people are struggling with cravings right now.  Most people seem to want peanut butter, cheese, wine, chocolate, or all of the above in one glorious meal.  I've had very few cravings but worry this weekend will be tough to knuckle through given I need to venture out of my little "Whole 30" bubble at home and live life out among temptations. 

Here's how I plan to combat cravings this weekend:

1.  Eat satisfying meals so that I don't get super hungry when out and about town.

2.  Keep some Whole 30 compliant snacks like Nick's Sticks and La Croix water in my purse

3.  Stay on top of my Whole 30 Day By Day journal noting all the benefits I see from avoiding unhealthy cravings.

4.  Get some exercise!  It always encourages me to eat healthier.

5.  Sleep in a bit this weekend.  Extra rest and a good night's sleep refil…

Whole 30: Why Are My Pants So Tight?!?!?!

It's Day 9 of the Whole 30 and I'm starting to feel like I'm in the groove.  My energy isn't awesome but it's at least steady.  No highs and lows.  No overwhelming need to sleep.  No passing out at 8:30 p.m. and sleeping 9 hours.  Life has resumed!

We're still a week away from the "Tiger Blood" phase so where are we now?  The "why are my pants so tight?" phase.  Bloating, puffiness, ugh.  It's real.  Let's grab a cup of stomach soothing bone broth and chat about it, shall we?

To be honest, I was a bit of an overachiever on this and discovered all the digestive woes very early and for longer than the two days listed on the Whole 30 calendar. 

Your experience may vary but it's apparently really common to experience some bloating and digestive distress early on in the Whole 30.  You've given up a ton of foods and replaced them with a lot of fiber.  You're bound to "feel it" building up inside.  Part of it (accordin…